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and some 50s. cumberland 57. williamsport 51. 69 in richmond. locally 60 in gaithersburg. 58 reston, our cool spot there. andrews and ft. belvoir are 60. columbia, good morning 59. howard, with traffic issues. angie will elaborate. and 88 college park. 70ishened 9:00. and breezy and 81er. highs in the lower 80s. thanks for joining us. right now we begin with 95 southbound. we have construction at 218 area. going northbound you are fine. this should be clear inspection the next half hour or so. moving to the outer loop, everything is clear from t 5 to -- 95 to 270. smooth sailing. virginia, 86 eastbound, making your way manassas and beyond, looks like a nice quiet
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commute. take you to 395, tracking the northbound trip here. you want to watch for that traffic pattern at the 14th street bridge. that's where you are forced to lose a left listen. wrap it up before this. 95 northbound no complaints making your way from fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to andrea. at 7:00 this morning, polling stations will open across the district, even though this is only primary day because of the city's overwhelmingly democratic population. voters will essentially be choosing their next mayor. by all accounts mayor fenty is in trouble. polls show him trailing vincent gray. both men tried to earn last movie minute support. >> reporter: gray met commuters at the metro station and had a good reception. >> i think he will do a great job and i don't think he will make promises he can't keep. >> reporter: gray is leading among some that say the city
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has made progress under fenty. >> i have seen a lot of progress in dc, but i don't think it is managed very well. >> reporter: gray says is not an anti-fenty vote. >> i have heard people with that attitude say i was against fenty but now that i have heard gray i support him. >> reporter: fair or not fenty has been criticized of not paying enough attention to southeast. aware of that criticism he attended a go go rally in ward 8. they say the rap he ignores southeast is unfair. >> i don't feel like he is one of us. >> everybody here love go go. >> yes. >> fenty made a statement. he said it doesn't matter what the experts say when you have heart, effort and believe in what you are doing. >> i would say if you have somebody in office with a great record of getting things done,
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keep that person in office. >> reporter: in prince georges county the key race is for county executive and there's new controversy about one candidate. a health care union is running a negative ad campaign against one of the candidates, sheriff michael jackson. in 2008 his deputy shot and killed two dogs during a misinformed drug raid. the service employees international union says it is one example of how jackson operates. he says the union is ignoring his many accomplishments as sheriff. he faces baker in the primary. another national political figure is getting involved in maryland politics. john mccain is throwing his support behind maryland candidate robert ehrlich. the republican is attempting to recapture the office he lost to o'malley four years ago. mccain's former running mate, sarah palin, is backing maryland business investor
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brian murphy in today's gop primary. today is primary day. to debt your many many an dc voter guide, go to and click on the extras tab under news. plus, to find your local polling locations just click on where you live. today the obama administration goes to court over health care reform. 20 states are suing the government calling the reform plan unconstitutional. federal attorneys will tell a judge the lawsuit shouldn't go to trial because the states don't have the standing to sue. howeverring the states will argue they can sue because the new law will require them to spend more on medicaid. president obama an republican leaders in congress are gearing up for a fight over taxes. both sides want cuts for the middle class but disagree on cuts for the wealthy. the president said he economy can't afford to extend tax cuts for families that earn more than 250 hurricane dollars a year and republican leaders say they condition not afford not
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to? to do it we would have to borrow $700 billion over the course of ten years. and we just can't afford it. >> no recovery will take place if we impose new taxes on the people we need to create jobs. >> if congress does nothing, the tax cuts will expire at the end of the year, meaning higher taxes for everyone. congress is expected to start formal debate on the tax cuts later this month. it is not likely to schedule a vote before the november election. a dispute over traffic may have led to murder. david patton is charged killing his neighborhood. his body was found in his home on saturday night. the car had a list -- the men had a history of not getting along. pacific gas and electric is establishing a $100 million fund for victims of last week's
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gas pipeline explosion. the money will go to helping residents in san bruno, california meet day-to-day needs. a section of the pipeline which exploded is on the way to a federal lab here in washington. secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt to start a second round of middle east peace talks. she will be joined by netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. the meetings will be hosted by egyptian president hosni mubarak in the red sea resort town. a wave of raids in haiti has launched new action. the u.n.'s top official in haiti says police and soldiers in the u.n. peace keeping force are being trained how to handle rape and other sexual violence and ensure medical care for
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victims. a major american company is considering closing a facility which employs hundreds of local residents. and a surge in bank stocks helped to fuel more green on wall street. it is 4:37. you are watching nine fuse now. it is i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works.
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happy tuesday. we are traveling westbound on 50 from the on shore to washington. no complaints. nothing in the way. a lack at the realtime traffic early coming up. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle has the headlines. good morning. >> are we shopping more or did we keep the plastic in the wallet for back to school? wall street is waiting as new economic data will be telling us just that. lacks like the september -- looks like the september rally still has legs. the dow rose 81 points yesterday. the nasdaq up by 43 an the s&p up by 12. big changes could be in store for the fairfax area. exxon mobile is studying whether to close its campus there. the 118-acre facility employs
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2600 people. most work in management or government relations for the oil giant. the company says it is reviewing its real estate portfolio an could decide to down size in fairfax. whole foods wants customers to know if there is something fishy about the fish itself. the popular chain is launching a ratings program that measures the environmental impact of the wild caught seafood. green will mean it is abundant, yellow indicates concerns with the way the fish is caught and red means it is suffering from overfishing. target stopped carrying overfished species and wal-mart dropped swordfish shark an orange rough any. >> give us something to think about. >> for more "living $mart" headlines, log on to and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. a new study suggests hand sanitizers may not do much to ward off major illnesses.
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and firefighters southwest continue their battle against the second wildfire in colorado. here's howard with an update. >> i like colorado. we could also use vain rain and a couple of cold fronts. we will have the timing and let you know what to expect for the rest of the tuesday when 9 news now returns.
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authorities say the fire in colorado and another one that burned 166 homes last week were sparked by household fires. i'm in the weather center with howard bernstein. could feel the touch of fall in the air. i was in new york. the race for the cure, cold, rain held off until the end but it was cool, but it felt cold. you know the damp cold. >> we will take it after this summer. all of it. we will take a little cool
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down. a nice stretch of weather but we desperately need the rain, especially friends to the west. eastern west virginia panhandle has drought conditions right now and that goes along the potomac out to harpers ferry and romney and those areas. really suffering with the need for rain and doesn't look like we will see much if any today and maybe thursday in to friday a little bit but we need more than that and nothing soon enough. let get you going for tuesday. going to be a pleasant day. anyone going to be outside today, grab a little sun screen. you can still get a sun burn this time of the year and vote in the primary and elections. 77 at noon. a little breezy this afternoon. 5:00 temperature 81 here in washington. some spots to our south that will make it to the middle 80s today. the bus stop forecast this morning, we do have mainly clear skies out there. temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s. so it will be cool in spots to the lower 70s. sun is coming up 64 t. this
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afternoon, pretty nice, breezy and warm. 81 to 88 with a northwesterly wind. some gusts up to 25 behind the front. the front doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. no rain is expected. 53 to 83. another comfortably cool or cold night for andrea. west winds at five and the sunset 7:18. some 50s in martinsburg and gaithersburg in the upper 50s. annapolis is 64. easton and cambridge is 59. fredericksburg 63. tappahannock, good morning to our friends in the northern neck, 68. national, the official washington reporting station is 68 with relative humidity 78% and the winds are calm. none to people speak of. acriminals the country looking at a couple of showers out west but really dry in colorado. big storms in kansas this morning. you can see how they are coming through kansas city.
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that moisture will gather. storm system will develop over there. it is going to move east northeast. we will watch this cool front across the region with not much moisture here. some showers in new england and then the rains through missouri and kansas. as we look at the nine future cast we will put that in motion for you. here's the front. maybe a few clouds with it is all we can muster. not going to get rain unfortunately. the showers to the north. tomorrow morning a little northwest breeze. looking pretty good. tomorrow looks like a nice day. high pressure builds in and then our attention to the west. this system will start to pull out by thursday morning head to chicago and st. louis with some showers and thunderstorms. but it is moving east northeast. potentially by friday, as the front gets close, thursday night even a few showers an here. as far as any big rains until the lows track to the south we will be hard-pressed to get a good soaking rain. in the tropics, two systems to talk about.
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igor a well-defined hurricane and julia. this is a tropical storm. winds of 50 miles an hour and that is going this way. not a concern. igor is a concern. it is a mature looking hurricane on the maps. well defined eye this will make a turn and it is a good thing because this is puerto rico, sane thomas, st. croix and the forecast track from the hurricane center is taking the category four storm with winds of 140 miles an hour and weakening it as it moves to the northwest here. this is bermuda by 8:00 saturday it will weaken to a category two storm. bermuda will have to watch for igor big time. on the east coast going to the beach this weekend possible to get swells from this later on. going to the caribbean they will get swells very soon. for us today, we are lacking at
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nine sunshine. mid-80s down south. manassas 88. gaithersburg 81, 82 and 83 here in washington. winchester 85. and tonight we will be back in the 50s, low to mid-50s north an west and low 80s here in town -- 60s here in town. showers are possible late thursday in to friday. the cold front will cool us down in to the upper 70s. back in the low to mid-80s over the weekend with good looking weather for the skins second home game. >> and hopefully second win. go burgundy and gold. a traffic alert from stafford, virginia. good morning, everybody. here's the situation. north heritage road watch for crash activity and crews on the scene. move outside and show you 95 northbound. tracking the trip up to the micking bowl. everything is -- mixing bowl. everything is good here.
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inbound new york avenue, everything is good. route 4, rout 5, 301, no incidents or accidents on the roads out here and we will end with 270 southbound, smooth sailing. going northbound watch for roadwork set up near the falls exit. back to you. a quick heads up for commuters coming in to the city. this is a live look at the 14th street bridge where there is a new traffic pattern. the let lane is closed the spire length of the northbound span. that's a welcome move for most motorists because it makes the bridge feel wider now the middle lanes are no longer closed. in virginia help is on the way for drivers in fairfax. a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony was held for the final section of the fairfax county parkway. the 35-mile roadway links route 7 in the northeast quadrant of the county to route 1 in the southeastern section. the two-mile section of the
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road opens to traffic next week. taking a look at the living well headlines, health officials are growing increasingly concerned about a new super bug that is resist tent to nearly all anti-bite picks them bacteria sickened three people in the u.s. and two in canada. all of the cases involve people who recently received medical care in india where the problem is widespread. americans are washing their hands more often. a study finds 85% of people wash their hands in public restrooms, that's up 8% from temp and the highest rate since the survey began 14 years ago. they speculate the h1n1 outbreak last year may have sparked the improvement. no surprise here, the survey also found that women wash their hands more than men. all of that hand washing is a good thing, especially after a suggests the hand sanitizers may not do much to prevent the cold or the flu.
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they had them apply the san hand sanitizer to prevent an infection. 42% of the people tested positive for the common cold in the study. the number isn't much lower than the 51% in the controlled group that did not use a hand sanitizer. a sty study with a flu virus has a similar outcome. a disease known as peripheral artery disease or pad occurs when fat builds up in blood vessels in areas of the body besides the brain or heart, specifically in the legs. this often leads to severe cramps when exercise or just walking. many people chart it up to getting older but the poor circulation or pad can meet foot ulcers that don't heal and if it gets bad enough the loss of a limb. it is linked to diabetes and kidney disease so there are plenty of reasons not to ignore
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pad. georgetown university is offering free screenings for the condition. it is free but they want people to make appointments by calling 202-342-2400. a new study shows that fast- paced action video becames help people make accurate decisions faster. researchers say video game players develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them and as candace gibson reports this helps improve skills like driving and multitasking. >> reporter: he and his friends love to play video games. >> shooting games are the best especially the guys, killing things always fun. >> reporter: these games may be more than just fun. they may help our brain make accurate decisions faster. >> you are always moving. so you have to look all over the screen all the times looking for people to come at you trying to kill you. >> reporter: they tested young adults that don't normally play
4:53 am
video games. half played shoot them up action games an the other group played a slow moving strategy game and afterwards were given a series of tests. action group reached a decision 25% faster and just as accurate. >> we typically think of young gamers as being trigger happy, meaning they respond really fast so they don't think about what they are doing, and what our study shows it is really not the case. >> reporter: researchers say it dunn just make them better video game players but better decision makers in real life. >> if you are driving that means you would be able to hit the brakes faster upon seeing something on the road. >> reporter: previous research found that video games can also improve hand-eye coordination an reaction time. >> i think it almost makes your brain work harder. >> reporter: for caleb an his friends choosing to play video games is the right decision. cbs news, los angeles. >> 68% of american households
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have members who play video games. for more living well headlines, log on to and click on the living well tab on the front page. president obama prepares to head to the city of brotherly love to inpyre the nation's youth. and school construction in the district has turned in to a political fight. we'll be right i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. welcome back to 9 news now. today president obama will deliver a pep talk to the nation's students. during a stop in philadelphia, the president will tell students that nothing is beyond their reach as long as they are willing to dream big, work hard and stay focused on learning. this is the sec back to school
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speech delivered by the president to the nation's students. building new and better schools is always a good thing but some people in anacostia are upset with the renovation project at that high school. specifically, why students there are attenning classes during the construction while other students across the river are not. we see the concern and what school leaders are saying about it. >> reporter: east of the river in a multimillion-dollar construction project but students from anacostia high school are still in the building. >> they shouldn't be here while they are doing construction. >> shouldn't have no kids running an on a construction site at all. >> if we are going to have one school system we have to treat it like that and not preferencing based on social economic conditions or race. >> we wanted to work with dc precipitation s to keep the student population as close to the neighborhood as possible.
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>> reporter: say there were eight sites where students could have been moved too but they were too small for the 800 plus students. says the current building can conditions can hold all of the students while 1500 teenagers who attend wilson high school could not fit during construction and are attending classes at the university of the district of columbia. >> anacostia is here and wilson is two blocks from udc. >> reporter: drilling is not allowed during school hour and the construction site is sealed off from classes. students wearing uniforms attend class in a wing that used to be open space. >> nothing in terms of the construction is preventing learning from taking place on a daily basis. >> some tunes say they feel cramped in the new space. >> it is irritating. >> reporter: while the debate continues they have taken helps to keep the kids safe until the school is complete in 2012. >> an coast ya high is not alone.
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deal middle school in ward 3 is currently under construction while students attend classes. asbestos removal was performed over the summer. it is 5:00 a.m. thank you for watching 9 news now. angie will have the traffic in a moment. been person is here with the forecast. looking for rain. >> not going to see any until thursday in to friday morning. that's our next best chance and doesn't look like a big chance of rain but that's all we can give you. virginia and west virginia, there are some folks that are hurting with the lack of rainfall over the last six to eight weeks. go to the maps because we had showers across pennsylvania an those showers are few and far between. an other than a couple of clouds out there, high thin ones we are quiet with temperatures 50s to 60s. 68 winchester. we sit at 66. 70 n

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